Frisco, Texas. One of the fastest growing cities in the state of Texas at roughly 2,000 people per month. With all of this growth, many corporate chains are moving in and kicking local, family-owned businesses out. It’s getting difficult for families who have owned their small businesses for multiple generations to keep up. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I think we should help them keep up!

Frisco Businesses to Support Today

Below is a list of amazing businesses that operate out of the Frisco area. They are run by local families and are passionate about their work.

Local Businesses in Frisco TX

The Blushing Bride Boutique

This Frisco bridal boutique is located in the heart of historic downtown Frisco. They opened their doors in 2011 and have seen a lot of future brides in their doors since then. They have almost a dozen bridal designers in their boutique and also offer alterations. If you are engaged and are still needing to pick out your perfect dress, visit their website to make an appointment today!

The Amish Furniture Showcase

Amish furniture stores are known for their amazing quality and handmade furniture pieces. Frisco, Texas is blessed to have the Amish Furniture Showcase on Preston Road. Since 2002, they have been making great furniture that will last a lifetime, which cannot be said about other furniture stores. There are dozens of furniture stores in Frisco, but this local business is definitely one to try out.

Classique Jewelers

We are all aware of the dozens of big chain jewelry stores in Frisco, Texas. Did you know that there is a local “gem” that sells beautiful jewelry? Classique Jewelers¬†has been serving the Frisco area for over 21 years and is family owned and operated. They have every piece of jewelry you could need–engagement rings, wedding bands, bracelets, earrings, watches, and so much more. They have some of the big name designers just like the big corporate chains, but you are supporting a Frisco family when shopping at Classique.

ASP Frisco

ASP stands for America’s Swimming Pool Company, which is a pool maintenance company with many locations. The difference between ASP and other pool service chains is that they are owned by local families. That means ASP Frisco is owned by a local Frisco family and when you hire them to clean your pool, you get to support them. Since they own their business, they are dedicated to providing their neighbors with quality services. They have many before and after pictures on their website and their Facebook and Instagram profiles. Instead of hiring one of the corporate chains, support a local family and have them clean your pool.

Frisco Mercantile

You didn’t think I would write a post about Frisco businesses and not mention the Frisco Mercantile, did you? The Frisco Mercantile opened their doors in 2007 and have been very successful ever since. They are very different than the other businesses mentioned in this blog post because they are a home for different small businesses to sell their products. Many different business owners, who are often Frisco locals, will pay Frisco Mercantile a fee to sell their products. This means you are supporting multiple Frisco families with just one purchase. How amazing!

Adam Aleksander

Adam Aleksander is a high-end men’s clothing store located on The Star Boulevard. They have styling consultants who provide a luxury styling experience. Expect to feel like a king when you walk in their doors as they give each client a custom experience. Their only location is in Frisco, making it convenient for men who need luxury clothing items.

Local Businesses in Frisco TX

Summer Moon Coffee

Who doesn’t love a local coffee shop? It’s a known fact that local coffee shops use higher quality beans than large coffee shop chains *cough cough*. Summer Moon Coffee has beautiful wood-fired coffee in historic downtown Frisco. This is the perfect location for those early mornings trying on wedding dresses at the Blushing Bride Boutique! Summer Moon has a beautiful shop that is very warm and inviting. Don’t miss out!

Local Businesses in Frisco

There are dozens of local businesses in Frisco, I just wanted to highlight some that stood out to me. When looking for high-quality services or items, always shop local. With all of the large corporate businesses in Frisco today, these local businesses rely on quality to keep them open. For more local businesses in Frisco, visit the Frisco Chamber of Commerce website. If I missed a great local business, please leave it in the comments below so others can enjoy it too!


*The above opinions are my own. I was not asked to mention any of the businesses above, I decided to on my own. I would never advertise a business if I was not confident in their abilities. Shopping local is very important to me as I love to support my neighbors.