Have you ever noticed your productivity dwindles when you feel unorganized and uncomfortable in your workspace? I know I have. There is something about having a Pinterest-perfect desk that makes you excited to get your job done. However, it is incredibly difficult to stay organized for many people. Between a busy meeting schedule, too many tasks and not enough time, and many other distractions, being organized at work is close to impossible. This is why I want to share how to get organized at work in a short amount of time.

How to Get Organized at Work

Get Comfortable

Getting organized at work also means getting comfortable. If you are uncomfortable with your chair, desk, or anything else you use at work, you should make an effort to change them. Some companies are willing to improve their employees’ office furniture, so be sure to ask your admin if they can get you more comfortable furniture. If you work from home, be sure to invest in some high-quality and comfortable furniture. Also, look for furniture that has built-in storage to help you get more organized. When you are comfortable in your space, you will be equipped to get organized at work.

how to get organized at work

Get Creative

Go on Pinterest when taking a break from knocking out tasks and find some pins that spark your creativity. These pins could be of organized desks, of cute quotes, or beautiful pictures. You can print these pins out and tape them to your desk. This will help inspire you and give you ideas for how to get organized at work.

Here are some great pins that inspire me to get more organized:

Throw Away or Donate Unnecessary Items

Now to the actual organization tips! We all have papers we haven’t looked at in months and pens that have been dried out but we just haven’t thrown away. Don’t hesitate to throw away or recycle these items, as they are just clutter in your workspace. If you are unsure if you will need a piece of paper in the future, scan it and save it to your computer, or at least take a picture of it. This can help ease some anxiety you have about throwing away work documents.

If you have broken headphones, unused notebooks, random cords, or anything else that is just taking up your space, throw them away or donate them. You can also see if anyone in your office needs the items you would like to get rid of. Most of the time, desk clutter is made up of unused and unnecessary items, so be sure to get rid of them.how to get organized at work

Properly Organize the Items You Do Need

Now that you have gotten rid of the excess work supplies that you do not use, you should only have items that you do need. With these items, do your best to put them with similar items in your draws or other organizers you already own. If you do not have a paper organizer or a drawer in your desk, be sure to purchase one. As mentioned above, most workplaces will provide these for their employees, but you may need to purchase them. Typically, Amazon has the best deals for desk organization pieces.

Dedicate Time to Organize Your Office

It is very important for your productivity to work in a clean and organized environment. For this reason, blocking off 30 minutes in your work calendar to organize your desk is completely appropriate. If anyone questions you, explain to them your unorganized desk was hindering your ability to work. This is understandable and should be respected by your coworkers.

Use this time to organize your papers, electronic chargers, writing utensils, and whatever else you may have on your desk. You can also wipe your desk down to ensure it is a healthy environment for you to work in.

Get Organized at Work!

At the end of the day, being unorganized and having to sift through your belongings every time you need something wastes time. To increase your productivity and improve your workplace environment, get organized as soon as possible. All you need is the time, inspiration, and resources to do so.