The Doe Identify Podcast

An indie podcast that exclusively covers unidentified victims to help them get their names back. No swearing. No gore. 99% child friendly.

Doe Identify Podcast

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Our Goals and Vision

My goal from the start was to get at least one Jane or John Doe identified through my podcast’s contribution. This goal was quickly met because one of my listeners shared my post to her local Facebook Groups, which the John Doe’s family members were in. Now, my goal is to help as many people identified as possible with my podcast.

Who We Are

We are a two-woman show. Hailey researches, records, and does all marketing for the podcast. G. Hamilton does all editing for the podcast, from episodes to ads. All money from ads currently go to G’s work on the podcast because Hailey aims to pay every team member fairly. Once ads start to surpass G’s payments, they will go to efforts to identifying Jane and John Does. Donation details will be posted on Facebook and Instagram Stories.

Our Story

Hailey grew up down the road from where Sheri Ann Jarvis, formerly known as the Walker County Jane Doe, was found. She would drive past where her body was found going to her boyfriend (now husband’s) home. Sheri Ann inspired this podcast and Hailey hopes to remember her through it.

New Episodes Bi-Weekly

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Meet The Host



Hi, I’m Hailey! You probably know my voice from my podcast. It has been great to see how quickly this podcast has grown and the success we have had with it. Thank you to everyone who messages me on Instagram, it is great to feel like I’m actually talking to people, not just myself all the time.

This podcast is my passion project. The topics I discuss aren’t fun, but they are important to discuss. Every time I record, I think about Sheri Ann Jarvis and her family. How much they probably wished they read articles about her sooner. How much they missed her over the years. How they didn’t know where to start with their search for their daughter. With this podcast, I want to get faces and information out there to a wider audience to hopefully shorten the time it takes for our cases to get identified.